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We're building a talented team of mission-aligned, values-driven people to bring better technology to residential real estate.
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Our Mission

Property managers take on immense responsibility for the homes under their care. The quality of management can make the difference on whether it’s a safe place to live or an in-demand investment. We are on a mission to provide management, boards, owners, and residents with smarter tools.

Purchasing a home is the largest expenditure Americans make—and maintaining that home is the largest monthly expense. 27% of the US population lives in an HOA, condo, or co-op, and collectively they pay nearly $100 billion towards essential maintenance costs annually.

Yet, much of property management is still conducted manually—like scheduling compliance reminders and collecting monthly dues by check—with email being the most consistent software in use. We believe property managers, building boards, owners, and residents deserve better.

Super is the operating system for buildings. Our property management software delivers essential functionality for maintaining a healthy building with a focus on automation and user experience. We help you streamline communications and enhance accountability, so that you can run your building like a business.

Vika and Lindsay, Super's co-founders

Our founders, Vika and Lindsay.

Our values

We are building a company from the ground up that is intentional about its values: what we believe in, the type of company we are building, how we work, how we hire.

At our core, Super is a company that uses technology to forge more accountability and transparency between people and the buildings in which they live. Our product is both efficient and empathetic. These are shared attributes that should feel evident in the experience of working for and with our company. This is how they translate into our core company values:


Put people first

It's how we show up in the tough times—not the easy ones—that reveal the actual culture we have. No matter how hard things get, we treat each other with respect, dignity, and empathy. This is a shared code of conduct with our team mates and customers.


Value each other's time

Time is one of our most precious resources. We respect people's flexible working hours, PTO, and the 4-day work week by structuring collaboration time in blocks and clear prioritization and communication of tasks.


Practice transparency

It's how we show up in the tough times—not the easy ones—that reveal the actual culture we have. No matter how hard things get, we treat each other with respect, dignity, and empathy. This is a shared code of conduct with our team mates and customers.


Embrace diversity

A diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment is not just important to the success of our working culture; it will result in a better business and product. We will proactively seek to include varying perspectives and backgrounds as we grow so that our company and product can benefit from this diversity of thought. We apply an equally rigorous no tolerance policy for anyone that rejects this shared code of conduct.

Join our team

We are building a diverse team across product, engineering, marketing, sales, and accounts to transform how residential real estate is managed. Joining an early-stage company like ours is a unique opportunity, and we know it's not for everyone.

The candidates we are seeking are excited to build a new product from the ground up, but also thrive on seeing a business grow and scale. Above all, we are seeking individuals who want to play a foundational role in shaping our company and remodel the real estate industry.

Open roles

We are seeking a New York-based SDR to join our Growth team.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion

We believe in culture adds, not culture fits. Embracing diversity is one of Super's core founding values. We are a women-founded company and equal opportunity employer that recognizes building a diverse, equitable, and inclusive company will make both our company and our product stronger.

Our commitment to DEI is reflected in our hiring approach, compensation philosophy, working values, and product practices. We know there's always more work to do, and are making DEI a priority from day one.

Super leadership team

Our leadership team have a track record of building and launching products and companies—most recently at Facebook, LTSE, and Glossier.

Employee benefits

Flexible work

We are building a remote-first work environment that takes flexible work seriously.

Four-day work week

We maintain our velocity through balance. Fridays are off, pending an on-call rotation.

Minimum PTO

An unlimited PTO policy that works. Team members must take vacation at least once every six months.

Health coverage

100% coverage for medical, dental, and vision for you and 50% for dependents.

Pre-tax deductions

FSA and commuter benefits are available to get pre-tax savings.

Competitive compensation

Stage-competitive salary and equity to minimize financial risk and maximize upside.

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"Revolutionizing the way buildings are managed."

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