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Building Talk on building Super

Edin Bojic and Frank Gonzalez, Building Talk
March 8, 2023
Building Talk on building Super

The Building Talk podcast interviews our co-founder and CEO about how Super is solving daily challenges for resident managers and their teams.

When it comes to running and managing buildings in New York, the hosts of Building Talk are experts with decades of experience. They interview our CEO, Lindsay Liu, for this episode of the podcast, where she talks about our approach to creating software for buildings and their management teams, and our point of view that "the best technology is the kind of technology that just is blended into the background."

Some key takeaways:

  • How Super differentiates through its approach to unification, automation, and user experience
  • The importance of transparency and good reporting with management, boards, and owners
  • The challenge of staying up-to-date on compliance, and the importance of good organization and technology tools to automate and send reminders
  • Why we hire for curiosity and empathy, and our expectations of our team
  • Why a service mindset is important in all types of businesses, including a technology startup

Watch the full interview video below, or listen to the podcast episode on Spotify.

Managing a healthy building is hard work. Super's software platform makes it easier by automating essential tasks and streamlining communication, transparency, and compliance.

Ready to get started? Schedule a demo of Super.

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