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Five maintenance routines that improve building value

Written by Super
December 13, 2021
Five maintenance routines that improve building value

How well your building is maintained doesn’t just affect your life as a resident, it can improve your building’s value when it comes time to sell.

Adding some simple maintenance routines to your building’s list to make it more attractive to sell in the near-term and down the line. Take these tips and examples from Mallory Brown Bogard, a New York real estate broker whose team advised and transacted on over $100M in deals in 2021.

Look at your lighting

Lighting can make or break a first impression. Dim or harsh lighting inside can exacerbate issues and make a space feel extra unappealing. Too dim and it may make an older building feel even older. Too bright and every scuff gets a clinical exam. Examine your lobby and hallways for opportunities to add warm lighting. Don’t forget the fixtures, advises Brown Bogard. “Nice light fixtures are also recommended.” 

Keep the walls fresh and clean

Try to plan for a fresh coat of paint every few years, and then upkeep. Brown Bogard emphasizes upkeep with a magic eraser, including touching up rails and handrails. 

There are even new paint technologies that can make a building even more appealing—like sound resistant paint to help minimize noise. She adds, “sound resistance has become more important because so many people spend so much time working from home.

Keep hallways clear

Not only can a cluttered hallway be a fire hazard, it can make a building seem less clean. “Keep hallways free of personal belongings,” says Brown Bogard. “Shoe racks and coat racks should not be on landings and obstructing stairwells.”

Get a system for trash and recycling

Examine how well organized your trash and recycling area is. An unorganized area can invite overflow, smells, and pests. Make sure you have implemented a good system for storage and separation, as well as a schedule for its removal. Having a porter that manages the upkeep on building trash and recycling is a worthwhile building investment.

Maintain outdoor areas

If you have a common outdoor area, Brown Bogard advocates for “investing in lighting, furniture, and landscaping to improve the value of everyone’s home.” Even if you don’t have a common backyard or roofdeck, keeping manicured landscaping and nice lighting at the entry of a building can add a feeling of care. 

Maintaining a building takes a lot of work and planning. Adding these routines can not only improve the resident experience, it can help add value. Brown Bogard emphasizes how important upkeep is: “We see it time and time again, upkept buildings yield their home owners better price-per-sq ft.”

Good building maintenance and management can improve property value. As the operating system for buildings, Super’s software platform helps property managers, boards, and residents streamline tasks and enhance transparency and accountability.

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