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How this serial condo board member is shaking up the industry

Tine Larsson, CEO of The Folson Group
July 13, 2022
How this serial condo board member is shaking up the industry

Lindsay joins Tina Larsson, CEO of the Folson Group and author of "Living the High Life: How Smart Co-op and Condo Owners Protect Themselves and Their Investment" to discuss Super.

For a newsletter feature, Tina and Lindsay discuss condo board experiences, the initial inspiration for Super, and how we solve problems for residential real estate—managers and residents.

Some key takeaways:

  • Why strong board and operational foundations are critical to a healthy building
  • How good communication leads to better decision-making in buildings
  • Super's technology approach to streamlining tasks, automation, and user experience

Read the full newsletter here.

Managing a healthy building is hard work. Super's software platform makes it easier by automating essential tasks and streamlining communication, transparency, and compliance.

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