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Greener buildings and preparing for Local Law 97

Bill Weidner, Realty Speak
August 16, 2023
Greener buildings and preparing for Local Law 97

Super's CEO joins the Realty Speak podcast to discuss ways buildings can improve their energy efficiency and ways NYC owners and managers can prepare for Local Law 97.

Co-Founder and CEO, Lindsay Liu, co-hosted the Realty Speak podcast with host Bill Weidner on the topic of building sustainability and ways property managers, boards, and residents can reduce emissions from their properties. The two interviewed building sustainability expert, Jim Lane, the program manager overseeing training at the CUNY Building Performance Lab.

Some takeaways:

  • Most buildings can create 5-20% in energy efficiencies with just basic operations and maintenance improvements. These include replacing light bulbs with LEDs, air sealing cracks and gaps in the building, and upgrading vent fan motors with direct drive motor or energy commuting motor (ECM).
  • Buildings should start by focusing on energy efficiency and usage reduction first and foremost. "Get your energy use as low as possible, then start looking at ways that you can add in renewable energy."
  • Renewable energy supply in a city like New York City is going to be limited due to the small footprint available, but in addition the city's wires that carry electrical energy supply are nearly at capacity, meaning the city can't just pipe in more energy from outside sources.
  • Planning for Local Law 97 should begin as soon as possible. Not only will fines increase in 2030, there are still supply chain delays from the pandemic that are extending timelines to get parts and components for upgrades. Even properties less than 25,000 sqft and not required to comply with Local Law 99 will see the benefits in cost savings for improving building efficiency.

Listen to the podcast episode on the Realty Speak website or listen to it below via Spotify.

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