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Have questions about parking garage inspections?

Jennifer White Karp, Brick Underground
April 20, 2023
Have questions about parking garage inspections?

The importance of good maintenance, the role of compliance inspections, and unfortunate implications.

This week's collapse of the 57 Ann St parking garage has elevated the importance of New York City compliance on building safety. While these inspections can feel like a burden, Super co-founder & CEO, Lindsay Liu, was quoted in Brick Underground as saying "recent events reinforce how important compliance and city regulation is in ensuring building safety and property value."

Super and Brick Underground are convening an emergency webinar with engineering and architecture firm O&S Associates. In this webinar, we'll cover:

  • Warning signs in a parking garage
  • Local Law 126 and the periodic inspection of parking structures required in NYC
  • Considerations for maintaining safety, such as weight and Certificates of Occupancy
  • Other types of relevant inspections for structural integrity and safety
  • Audience Q&A

Read the full article and the recap article on this topic in Brick Underground, and watch the recording of the emergency webinar here.

Managing building compliance doesn’t have to be difficult. Super’s platform streamlines and automates your compliance checklist (including Local Law 126 deadlines) to keep you on top of every deadline.

Ready to get started? Schedule a demo of Super.

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