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Introducing: call to task

Written by Super
April 11, 2024
Introducing: call to task

The better inbox just got even better. One hub for syncing every communication—email, text message, and phone calls.

The team at Super has been busy since the start of the year. We've been working hard alongside our customers to sync every communication.

First, a quick recap of all of the product innovation the company has recently released:

  • AI-powered property routing and task summaries
  • Assign tasks to workspaces to quickly filter general tasks, work orders, or compliance-related activities
  • See new comments, tasks, and announcements with a new unread inbox
  • Report performance with an admin dashboard at the portfolio and property level
  • Subscribe contacts to multiple threads via text message
  • Send announcements via email, text message, and voice calls
  • Get automated tasks complete with transcriptions and recordings with our new call-to-task feature

Not only is our workflow and task management platform even more powerful, now we can sync every single communication: email, text message, and... now phone calls!

Let Super pick up the phone for you, 24/7. Every call, every text.

Any new calls or texts to a customer's Super phone number will automatically create a task, complete with a transcription, the recording, and we'll route it to the right property and assignee if we recognize the contact.

Send text messages.

Add contacts—like vendors and tenants—to a text message thread, so they can communicate the way they prefer, while you maintain one log. Better yet, you can maintain multiple open threads by using our text message thread IDs.

Make sure notices are noticed.

Sending an important announcement is a click away. Opt to send them via email, text message, or a voice call.Send to individuals, groups, and across the portfolio.

We're thrilled to continue to deliver the best in productivity tooling for property management teams. Here's to more powerful productivity.

Super is the AI-powered communication and workflow platform for property management teams. Ready to supercharge your operations? Book your demo today.

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