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Meet Maria, Accounts at Super

Written by Super
June 28, 2022
Meet Maria, Accounts at Super

Meet our accounts lead, Maria Victoria, and learn more about her vision for Super.

When Maria was first introduced to Super, she was working at the intersection of community and commercial real estate. There was immediate alignment over a shared passion for technology and real estate, but the deeper connection came from her experience as a new condo owner dealing with a growing punch list, transition to a new property management company, and a budding board. 

We are delighted to welcome Maria Victoria to our founding team, where she leads our account relationships. Maria brings her experience in construction, real estate, and software to support Super and our customers. Read on to learn more about Maria and her vision for Super.

What excites you about the journey you’re embarking on at Super?

First of all, I have got to say the team. When I first heard about Super, I was immediately drawn to its mission and what it had set out to create. It wasn’t until I formally joined that I got a deeper look into the product the team has been building. It’s so thoughtfully planned and beautifully executed.

It’s exciting to know we’re building something that will be so useful to our customers and users, and that I get to contribute to its growth. Getting to work with a product and team you believe in—that is the most amazing combination. 

How do you hope Super can help your own condo?

Transparency and accountability. My biggest frustration comes from the lack of visibility I get as an owner. Once I submit a request, I’m never quite sure who is on it or when it will get resolved. I end up getting an email from one person, and then a text from another with different messaging and approaches to solving the issue. It’s frustrating.

Super’s software organizes each incoming issue as a task and creates a clear, and centralized, hub for it to be assigned, prioritized and eventually resolved. Plus, this all happens while keeping me updated through the thread! I’m so excited to roll Super out in my condo and to use it myself.

You are a former founder and tech entrepreneur. What key learning from your past experiences are you looking forward to applying?

A few years back, I embarked on building a marketplace platform for service providers in the personal care industry to book clients looking for their services. One of the best learnings I gained from that experience was how to interpret and integrate what my users were experiencing with how we were developing the product. It’s important to understand that not everyone using the product will have a technology background, or they may not have the time to relay feedback on discrete parts of your platform. Learning how to extract insights through observation and customer conversations is something I look forward to applying further at Super, so that we can continue to build with our users' needs at the center. 

What do you love the most about collaborating with customers?

I want to make sure our customers understand just how much their feedback and thoughts on how we’re doing matters to us. It’s one of my favorite parts of being customer facing; the opportunity to have those in-depth conversations, see how the product is being used, and find ways we can better support our users is such a cool thing to do. I am deeply excited to become a true partner to our customers.

Outside of work, what are we likely to find you doing?

Hanging out with my dog, Oliver. His daily park playtime is a must! 

You’ve been selected to give a TEDTalk—right now. What’s a topic you could give a 10-minute presentation on without any preparation?

Bootstrapping a business. At the beginning, it’s all about identifying the easy hacks to be more efficient and automate workflows while avoiding paying high prices until you can justify it. 

What’s something you’re proud of, but few people know about you?

I’m from the Dominican Republic, and in high school I won a national writing contest. I’ve endeavored since to be equally strong at communicating in both English and Spanish. 

One word answers only. 

  • Most-used emoji? 😂
  • Go-to karaoke song? All Star, Smash Mouth
  • Go-to drink order? Iced matcha or red wine (depends on the time of day)
  • One thing you could never leave the house without? Hair tie

If this is the type of company you'd like to be part of building, take a look at our open roles. We are hiring and growing our team.

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