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Super speaks at SXSW

March 10, 2023
Super speaks at SXSW

Super's co-founder and CEO on a panel at SXSW about the 4-day work week.

Listen to the complete panel audio recording

The 4-day work week is not just trendy—studies have shown that it boosts productivity, increases employee retention, reduces burnout—and yes, it’s a hiring superpower. But, the answer isn’t as simple as just cutting out a day of work. It takes structure and thoughtful processes in order to help teams not just work less, but work smarter.

Super's co-founder and CEO, Lindsay Liu, joined a panel during the esteemed tech conference, SXSW, to discuss how we are implementing the 4-day week and lessons learned along the way.

Managing a healthy building is hard work. Super's software platform makes it easier by automating essential tasks and streamlining communication, transparency, and compliance.

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