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We're adding payments: Enroll in the beta

Written by Super
June 29, 2023
We're adding payments: Enroll in the beta

Today, Super furthers our vision of helping buildings and property managers improve operating margins and property value. Introducing our latest feature launch: Payments.

Enroll in the beta.

When Super first set out to create the operating system for buildings, we knew that our stack would need to include a few critical things for property managers and their boards and residents. When you take a step back, what does a healthy building require to operate? It needs three core things: 

1. Strong communication and project management
2. Good governance and documentation
3. Financial planning and oversight

To date, most of these operational needs are managed with a mix of manual work, several software tools, and homegrown systems and approaches. But property management is a business that is reliant on attention to detail and strong customer service—while also facing challenges with employee retention and tightening margins.

All of this has created an environment where it is unsustainable—and unprofitable—to have tools that aren't responsive to modern resident (and employee) expectations, require a high level of training and onboarding, and force you to bounce between tools to complete your work. The amount of admin work that many management teams have to do is inefficient and introduces room for error.

Super has always been on a mission to change that dynamic for property managers and the properties we work with. We're singularly focused on helping our customers streamline and optimize their workflows through one, unified platform that centralizes all of a building's communications, documentation, and P&L. This is made even more powerful with portfolio-level management and smart automations. Our goals: Help our customers save time, improve operating margins, and lift management teams out of the grind of admin work and into the activities that actively improve property value.

Today, we're thrilled to be furthering our vision with the introduction of payments to our finances stack.

Now, Super's customers can opt into payments to manage their accounts receivables for monthly dues. This includes setting up and issuing invoices, accepting payments, and automating arrears tracking—all from the same, easy-to-use platform that also allows you to manage building communications, document storage, compliance checklists, and the building contact directory.

For those that enroll in our beta, our support team will make getting started extra turnkey by setting up your invoices on your behalf. It doesn't get simpler than this.

Contact us to learn more and enroll.

As the operating system for buildings, Super’s software platform helps property managers, boards, and residents streamline tasks and enhance transparency and accountability.

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