on every channel

Need to notify staff, owners, or tenants? Send a blast in seconds—via email, text message, or a phone robocall.


Reduction in email and text message volume

6 hrs

Gain back an average of 6 hours a week — more time for proactive management


Conversations triaged and growing

Every channel

Reach your contacts on any channel: email, text, or phone. Missed the phone call? We'll even leave a message.
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Audit trail

We keep the receipts. See who the announcement was sent to, which channels they received it on, and even export to PDF complete with time stamps.
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Private replies

No more accidental reply-alls or "donotreply" dead ends. Residents can reply to the email, text, or call back—and a new thread will be created with your team.
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Centralize every communication across email, text message, and phone call with our better inbox.
Finally, a CRM for PMs! Organize your directory by property, unit, owner, board member, sponsor, tenants, and vendors.
Let your Super Assistant take over. We'll assign tasks, respond, send reminders, and even put due dates on calendars.


Super’s zero-risk guarantee

Free onboarding

No extra costs to start, and get our turnkey, white-glove support.

Start right away

Onboard in days, not weeks or months. You'll be up and running in no time.

Cancel anytime

No-fuss offboarding if it's not for you. We'll even pro-rate annual payments.

"The better way to run a building."

Bill Morris
Habitat Magazine