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6 questions to ask before your board invests in new tech to run your building

Written by Celia Young, Brick Underground
November 20, 2023
6 questions to ask before your board invests in new tech to run your building

Proptech helps building managers and boards run more efficiently, but it's important to know the best tools for your building.

There are huge opportunities to improve real estate operations through technology—but admittedly, the "there's an app for that" approach has gotten a little overwhelming. How should properties, management teams, and board members evaluate the right technology to help run their buildings? Brick Underground's Celia Young interviews Super and our customers—ranging from board members to management companies—to discuss the top questions to answer when bringing in new technology.

The article covers questions like:

  • Does your building need help with communication? As Brick Underground pointed out about Super's strengths: "Super helped Peck’s condo solve a communication problem: Instead of getting texts and emails from residents about repairs or other issues, residents can communicate directly through Super’s interface, or text or email the platform."
  • Can we do a trial run? "We also like to test it out internally before we even roll it out to clients,” points out Super customer, James Simari of Harlem Property Management. (We work with new customers to ensure successful onboarding.)
  • Will our residents and board actually use it? “There are some boards... they'll deal with email, phone calls, and Zoom meetings. And that's the extent of [their] technology,” said Super customer, Mark Levine of EBMG. (Super is compatible with email and text message, requiring no app download or portal for boards and residents.)
  • Will it go out of date quickly? Not only should your technology provider constantly be iterating and improving, James points out that finding a partner for the long haul is the way to go: "they serve the property management industry, they understand what their primary business focuses."

Read the full article on Brick Underground.

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