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A platform for property management

Mark Levine, Principal at EBMG & host of NYC Real Estate Podcast
August 30, 2023
A platform for property management

Super customer, EBMG, invites our CEO to their podcast to talk about the platform, ranging from where it started to where it's going.

Co-Founder and CEO, Lindsay Liu, joins the NYC Real Estate Podcast with host Mark Levine of EBMG to talk technology and the property management industry. In this episode, they talk about their hopes for the industry, the challenges, and the opportunities for technology. EBMG is a customer of Super, and Mark also shares his perspective as a user.

Some takeaways:

  • How the scope of property management continues toincrease year-over-year, from compliance and new regulations to rising resident expectations
  • The opportunity for the real estate industry to adopt technology—and why now is the right moment
  • How a strong property management platform needs two sides: an easy-to-use resident experience and a more robust board and management experience
  • Why passwords are a pain

Listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts:

Managing a healthy building is hard work. Super's software platform makes it easier by automating essential tasks and streamlining communication, transparency, and compliance.

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