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A startup's journey of marketing, hiring, and monetization mastery

Recorded by Nikolas Chapoupis, The Venture-Scale SaaS Operator Podcast
March 6, 2024
A startup's journey of marketing, hiring, and monetization mastery

How do you build a product people love? "We go to fundamentals: are we solving our customers' problems?" Super's co-founder shares this and more learnings in her latest podcast interview.

Join the journey with Lindsay Liu, co-founder of Super, as she shares her story with The Venture-Scale SaaS Operator podcast. Lindsay takes us through Super's evolution, covering key aspects such as the pivotal shift towards monetization and customer-driven development. Learn firsthand about early-stage startup challenges, including when to start charging, budget-friendly A/B testing methods for messaging, and navigating developer hires as a non-technical founder – weighing the pros and cons of Agency vs. In-house teams. Tune in for practical insights into the world of entrepreneurship!

Listen now:


  • (00:00) - Intro
  • (00:28) - How Super got its name and domain
  • (01:19) - What Super is and who it's for.
  • (02:43) - Origin of the idea for Super.
  • (04:44) - Company size and revenue.
  • (06:02) - Shift from beta phase to monetization.
  • (12:30) - Hiring technical team as a non-technical founder.
  • (18:53) - Lindsay's marketing background and its influence on building Super.
  • (24:49) - Marketing tactics and specifics for early-stage startups.
  • (28:55) - Long-term vision for Super.
  • (30:33) - Outro

Managing healthy buildings is hard work. Super's software platform makes it easier by automating essential tasks and streamlining communication, transparency, and compliance.

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