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Career highlights and lessons from our co-founder, Vika

Maykel Loomans, Full Stack Whatever
February 28, 2023
Career highlights and lessons from our co-founder, Vika

The podcast Full Stack Whatever interviews Super's co-founder and Chief Product Officer about her journey from FAANG to founder.

Maykel Loomans of the podcast, Full Stack Whatever, sits down with Vika Kovalchuk Zamparelli to dig into her career journey, lessons learned along the way, and how she's applying that to how she's building Super.

Some key takeaways:

  • Lessons on how to build an inclusive workspace from her experience as the first designer at Facebook's New York office
  • How to build balance — in product work, capabilities, and work/life
  • The benefit of designers taking responsibility for product strategy and management
  • The key differences between an established tech company to a startup
  • The importance of the operating principles and values of Super

Listen to the full podcast episode here.

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