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How to choose the right property management software

Written by Super
February 28, 2023
How to choose the right property management software

Technology helps maximize efficiency, but finding and onboarding the right platform can feel complicated. We look at 5 important questions for evaluating software platforms.

Software is a great way to boost productivity and efficiency for property managers. There are a multitude of opportunities for automation, increased transparency, and new services for the management industry.  In other words, software can help eliminate repetitive tasks and support healthier buildings.

But not all property management software is created equal, and your unique needs may warrant different approaches. How can you ensure you invest in the right tool to help your property management business save time, and ultimately money? These are 5 factors to consider when evaluating software.

Does the software automate common work?

Managing a property includes many repetitive tasks—especially when multiplied across a portfolio of properties—such as scheduling regular maintenance routines and staying on top of deadlines. Great property management software can streamline those tedious tasks so you can refocus your time and energy on the more challenging and important work.

Does the software simplify communication?

Consider how much time you spend managing communications across email, text messages, calls, and separate tickets or work orders. Likely hours a day? And then when something requires staff or a vendor to be looped in, how many more minutes to identify the right person and get them up to speed? Great property management software should work across channels in order to streamline communications and work order management. Don’t seek an app for app’s sake, given most people don’t want to download yet another app. Look for the ability to manage your contacts, assign tasks, and easily keep staff and residents in the loop.

How user-friendly is the interface?

Software should be easy to use. Even if a platform is full of features, it’s no use if people don’t want to use it. And it leads to mistakes and errors if it’s too difficult to use. Rather than increasing productivity and efficiency, clucky software requires more time and effort to learn and slows down simple tasks. That’s not a good investment. On the other hand, user-friendly software is easy to navigate and understand. Training times are short, and adoption is not as hard to get. It should feel “get-able,” making it easy to get things done.

What’s the company’s approach to data security and stability?

Every day, there’s a new report of a data breach, server outage, or hack. Ensure your chosen software is built with best-in-class standards that make best efforts to protect your information and is prepared for worst-case scenarios to protect your data and avoid downtime. Check how the company approaches its software development practices, including security controls it has in place and its underlying infrastructure. Companies can get certifications, such as SOC II compliance, where an external auditor reviews and tests the company’s cybersecurity controls.  

How good is their customer support?

Questions will always come up. You don’t want to be left waiting to talk to an expert, whether it’s for technical or nontechnical issues. This includes how much they will support onboarding (and whether they charge for it) and whether you have a dedicated account manager or have to go to a generic support line. Consider how responsive the company will be and how seriously they will take your feedback. The software will become part of your business operations. Ultimately, you are looking for a business partner, not a one-time service provider.

Regardless of your portfolio size, software tools have the power to improve operations and performance. Instead of just comparing platforms at the feature level, consider these five factors above when choosing your property management software in order to maximize the return on your investment. 

Great software can be the heart of a successful property management company. As the operating system for buildings, Super’s software platform helps property managers, boards, and residents streamline tasks, save time, and get more done.

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