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Introducing Super's New Podcast

Written by Super
May 15, 2024
Introducing Super's New Podcast

Ever wondered about the stories buildings hold? Subscribe to Super's New Podcast: If These Walls Could Talk.

Buildings, and the people who manage them, are filled with fascinating stories and histories. Super's new podcast delves into the world of property management and explores the often untold stories that live within the walls of buildings.

Each episode features a story with a real estate operator. Our Co-Founder and CEO, Lindsay Liu, interviews industry leaders to uncover their stories from the front-lines of property management like:

What's that door behind the elevator shaft?
Why some gray paint isn't as innocent as it seems.
A coup—involving $340,000.
Tales of not-so-vacant properties.
And much more...

Episodes dropping soon with industry leaders Peter Lohmann, Tina Larsson, Natasha Falconi, Josh Blackman, Sarah Hull, Frank & Bo the hosts of Building Talk, Marc Supcoff, Bethany Babcock, and many more!

Subscribe now to listen and get notified when new episodes go live anywhere you listen to podcasts:


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Have a story you'd like to share for a future episode? Email us at

Super is the AI-powered communication and workflow platform for property management teams. Ready to supercharge your operations? Book your demo today.

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