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Meet Mitesh, Founding Engineer at Super

Written by Super
February 9, 2022
Meet Mitesh, Founding Engineer at Super

Meet our first and founding engineer, Mitesh Shah, and learn more about him and his vision for Super.

Super is on a mission to build the operating system for buildings. Not only do we strive to offer leading features and functionality, we are focused on delivering an unparalleled user experience. Creating a platform that meets this vision requires a curious, diverse, and multidisciplinary team that is excited to tackle the tough challenges. And that’s exactly the team we are building.

We are thrilled to introduce Super’s first and founding engineer, Mitesh Shah. Mitesh brings a depth of skills from over 15 years as a hands-on software engineer, including experience as a founder and entrepreneur. Read on to learn more about Mitesh and his vision for Super.

What excites you about the journey you’re embarking on at Super?

Super has that rare and very exciting combination of: great product vision, smart founders, large market, and a small but mighty team that can move quickly.

What are your favorite types of technology challenges?

As a generalist, I enjoy a wide variety of technology challenges. However, I really enjoy building pixel perfect, delightful interfaces and then getting direct feedback (and sometimes praise!) from users as their workflows improve. I also enjoy tricky data models, migration scripts and setting up analytics.

Is there a learning you’re looking to apply from your past experiences building startups?

Building great software takes iteration. You need to ship and learn. The longer it takes to put something in front of the customers, the bigger the risk. My goal is to enable processes that help us ship faster and reduce that risk.

You were a board member at your HOA. What are you hoping you can solve for yourself with Super?

Our process here was fairly typical: manually intensive, paper based, and extremely out of touch with our otherwise digital world. Our board uses an outdated Yahoo group. Everything happens through email or phone calls—even requesting important documents that could be shared so easily. We hire a management company with high fees just to deal with the manual workload. I would love to replace all of this with Super and greatly simplify everything for the board and all homeowners—especially document sharing, collecting dues (and fines), and the architectural review process.

How are you finding our 4-day work week?

Total game changer. As a family man, weekdays are work work work and weekends are all about the kids and social obligations. I’m starting to use Fridays as personal development days—reading, writing, learning, exploring long lost hobbies. This is going to have a very positive impact on my well being as well as the skills and attitude I bring to the primary mission.

Outside of work, what are we likely to find you doing?

Strong possibilities:

  • Playing something with the kids
  • High-brow TV
  • Enjoying a glass of wine and talking about technology and entrepreneurship with friends
  • Composing and sound engineering in the home studio

You’ve been selected to give a TEDTalk—right now. What’s a topic you could give a 10-minute presentation on without any preparation?

I would talk about my vow of truth and the impact of truthful words on your life. I would also discuss common pitfalls and challenges when you no longer have the option to just lie and get out of it.

What’s something you’re proud of, but few people know about you?

At a previous startup that I founded (home food tech), I devised a unique style of food plating and photography that I’m really proud of.  Most of the home chefs were moms taking a leap of faith turning their delicious meals into an online business for the first time—and seeing their creations plated and photographed with such finesse was both enjoyable and very special.

One word answers only.

  • Most-used emoji? 👏
  • Go-to karaoke song? Nope. Terrified of public singing
  • Go-to drink order? Cabernet Sauvignon
  • One thing you could never leave the house without? Phone

If this is the type of company you'd like to be part of building, take a look at our open roles. We are hiring and growing our team.

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