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Meet Super

Written by Super
November 16, 2021
Meet Super

Your condo, co-op, or HOA is not only a big investment, it's your home. Why Super is on a mission to create the operating system for buildings.

For most people, owning your home is also your biggest investment. Your property is not only where you nest — it is a nest egg that should grow in value over time. 84% of homebuyers view a home purchase as a good financial investment—and the purchase of a home is both the biggest expenditure Americans make and one of their largest monthly expenses.

For homeowner’s associations, condos, and co-ops, that equates to 74 million people (27% of the US population) shelling out $96 billion in annual assessments paid for shared essential maintenance

With this much on the line, why is it that most condos and co-ops aren’t run like sustainable businesses?

Too often, residents and boards are left to figure things out for themselves and property managers have to juggle requests coming through phone, text, and email, with no centralized way of processing these needs.

We’ve asked ourselves this exact question, and along the way we’ve found that we’re not alone. Owners, residents, boards, property managers, asset managers, brokers—you name it—all wish they had better tools to more efficiently and effectively run their buildings. The implications range from annoying and costly to downright dangerous.

“I am thrilled my building has this assessment.” —  No one ever

As product people and builders, we don’t just believe buildings—and their residents, boards, and property managers—deserve better.  We know that we can do better. This is the mission and motivation behind Super.

At the heart of a well-run building is great communication, governance, project management, financial planning, and community. This is the core functionality we will seamlessly integrate into a powerful platform purposefully designed for the unique needs of a property and its residents.

With these features at the heart of Super, what maintains a healthy heartbeat are high levels of accountability, transparency, and empathy. These are the principles that Super will embody in our product and company operations.

Buildings are inherently complex. They impact people and communities. They require ongoing, proactive care to stay in compliance and grow their value. Board members are volunteers with day jobs, and property managers are stretched across multiple buildings. We’re here to help. By bringing a strong focus on user experience, interoperable data, and automation, Super will be your building’s partner to ensure you are not just up-to-date on communications and compliance, but able to look ahead, forecast, plan, and enjoy more.

As the operating system for buildings, Super’s software platform helps property managers, boards, and residents streamline tasks and enhance transparency and accountability.

Ready to get started? Schedule a demo of Super.

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