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The secret to a successful building board? Communication

Written by Super
February 9, 2023
The secret to a successful building board? Communication

Looking to improve your board operations? Start with building a culture of open communication.

A healthy, functioning board is essential to the success of a condo, co-op, or HOA. But unlike a corporate board, an association board is composed of volunteers who do not need to have previous experience managing an association. So how do you improve the odds of success? Open communication, which creates a culture of trust, collaboration, and mutual respect. Just like with any successful team in the workplace, these attributes will help boards get through tough decisions and refocus energy on shared goals and progress.

Why transparency matters

Imagine you’re on a 5-person board. The association needs to decide whether to allocate reserve funds towards a security system upgrade or a lobby renovation. It cannot afford to do both this year, and the board is split on how to proceed.

Now imagine your board does not have shared context on why both projects are priorities. Some members are aware of stolen packages, and others are aware of upcoming unit sales. Without a shared understanding, it makes it impossible to make an informed decision.

The result? Unnecessary tension, poor decisions, and resentment.

The importance of open communication cannot be overstated. Operating with transparency will support board relationships, decision making, and set a precedent for operations. Boards with a good culture of communication:  

  • Consider all perspectives to support making decisions and solving problems
  • Work together more effectively towards shared goals
  • Act with transparency and accountability 

How to promote open communication in your building board

Good communication is a practice. It requires all participants to embrace active listening, consistent and timely communication, and proactive feedback. 

So, how do you promote it in your board? Here are some practical tips:

  • Hold regular meetings: Make sure you hold regular meetings to share updates, discuss current issues, and build rapport
  • Encourage transparency: Empower all board members with information, and create space for debate and feedback
  • Use technology: Software can help improve communication, accountability, and transparency—keeping everyone in the loop and documenting information and decisions 
  • Seek feedback: Get input on issues and performance from members within the board as well as from staff and residents to ensure well-rounded perspectives
  • Define goals: Be clear on your expectations of each other, what you want to achieve, and the operating norms you will set

Communication is critical for gaining alignment and transparency, and ultimately productivity. Create a culture that will help you achieve your common goals. Whether you’re a seasoned board member or just starting out, consider implementing these strategies to promote open communication and start reaping the results.

The healthy operations of a building depend on the actions of the building’s managers, including the board. As the operating system for buildings, Super’s software platform helps boards, property managers, and residents streamline tasks and enhance transparency and accountability.

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