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Entrepreneur Spotlight: Lindsay Liu, CEO, Super

York IE
June 2, 2022
Entrepreneur Spotlight: Lindsay Liu, CEO, Super

York IE interviews our co-founder and CEO, Lindsay Liu, for its Entrepreneur Spotlight.

In this spotlight, the York IE team digs into Super and the journey to building a startup. Lindsay shares insights into the key problems we solve in residential real estate—like ensuring healthy, safe buildings—and how we are building with our team. They discuss the vision for the company, challenges we've encountered along the way, and how our 4-day work week helps with balance and mental health.

A few takeaways:

  • How deeply Super approaches our responsibility to our customers: "Creating a company and a product that has the potential to make people’s homes safer, help people grow the value of an asset and create healthy communities and relationships — this is meaningful work."
  • How we are focusing on optimal utility for our customers: "Remaining disciplined and focused when it comes to product. We keep wondering why no one has solved what we are doing yet, and it’s probably because we’re starting by tackling the unsexy-but-overlooked things — the things that make the core of a really useful product."
  • Our point of view on fundraising: "Ideally, fundraising is a strategic choice that allows us to support new initiatives or scale. It’s an opportunity to align with partners who support our mission and can help us accelerate in ways that would be harder to do alone."
  • Why balance is critical: "Achieving balance is the best way we can maintain velocity. Of course it takes tenacity to build a strong business, but it also requires perseverance and focus. Burning out does not help you achieve your goals more effectively, and I believe good leadership is about articulating a clear vision and business-critical priorities."
  • Our long-term vision: "We aspire to be an example of technology at its best. Super is designed to fade into the background while solving meaningful problems for everyday people that protect their homes and investments."

Read the complete article on York IE.

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