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Task management

One user for Super’s task management system for property managers


Custom email address to instantly create tasks and notify all relevant parties.

File storage

Unlimited file storage and automated file uploads.

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The ultimate productivity software for property managers and HOAs


Dedicated property email and text phone number. Real-time notifications and email digests.

Compliance monitoring

Automated inspection checklist, reminders, and violation monitoring.

Board governance and documentation

Meeting agendas, meeting minutes, and virtual polling from one template.

Document management

Get documents out of email and into Super with seamless document upload and storage.

Financial planning and reporting

Securely connect financial accounts to get real-time dashboards and reports.

Contact directory

Manage each HOA's contacts, including members, renters, past residents, staff, and vendors.

Dedicated support

Get a dedicated account manager for all your questions, needs, and team training.

Messaging and announcements

Tag individuals and groups (like @board or @owners) to instantly subscribe and broadcast announcements.

Collect payments

Coming soon: Set up and automate monthly dues collection and manage account balances.

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